Perfs.exe [Resolved]

Today Comodo CFP3 saved my life (S) The firewall has detected that something called perfs.exe is trying to connent to the internet. I’ve blocked it. Made some google research and found that it’s a trojan (:AGY)
So i went to system 32 catalog and deleted perfs.exe and routing.exe :SMLR Anybody knows, what I should do next, cos Kaspersky found nothing (:TNG)

(L) (B) (R) (V)


Did some research on that stuff found this…

indt2.sys ( körs som service) eeh (runned as a service)

also found this…


everything i found just said remove perfs.exe and it should be cool… i would find that sys file also…
and your kaspersky should be able to find this virus… if not… something is wrong i guess

Everything seems to be okay now. I scanned with Spyware Doctor with AntiVirus 5.5 it didn’t found anything so I guess, there are no viruses in my system. The mods can :P0l this thread ;D

Will do, Emperor Commodus :P0l