Performance Issues with Large Installations (Pending Files Issue?) [SOLVED]

Installations completed using Installation Mode.

Upgrade from Real 10 to Real 11 took over 1 hour, upgrade from Logitech Quickcam 10 to 11 took 50 mins. Full Scan using a-squared free took 3 to 4 hours.

In fact anything requiring hundreds of files to be written to My Pending Files appears to take an inordinate amount of time.

Agreed the performance is better than the previous release and the issues with BOClean have been resolved, but the two installations above take less than 10 minutes without CFP and the a-squared full scan would be less than 1 hour.
The full scan using a-squared free expands all the CAB files to temporary files so each entry is written to My Pending Files.

Can anything be done to speed-up the process?

Regards, V

Miscellaneous → Settings and turn off the on-line lookup stuff. Might be worth a try.


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Thanks for that Adric.
I can always do a look-up having purged all the transient files from the My Pending List.

On another PC of similar performance I unchecked the automatic lookup before upgrading Real 10 to Real 11. The upgrade still took over 1 hour.

Two possibilities, Defense+ is still performing the lookup OR poor performance on large installations remains an issue when watched folders have updates placed in My Pending Files.

Sigh. I would suggest opening a ticket on it. It doesn’t look like bug fixing the current version is the number one priority right now. It might change if enough tickets are sent in.


Hi :

Yes, Pending Files issue, when you’re installing a programs the pending files fills up , so you have prior to install an application, is to Switch to Installation Mode , in the Summary TAB it is, unfortunately sometimes I for get to press it… so by the time now, only be patient, keep in mind that version .276 was release only a month ago…

But I don’t see it as a real issue, because the pending file system does his job, to keep track of an exe and dll file unknown

So try not to forget to Switch to Installation Mode and when your application is installed, the remove all the files of my pending files, the title says it all MY

It’s not related to the program access (Trusted Appplication, Custom Police, etc.) in D+
Well I see how it works for me, but if you think I’m wrong please tell me your opinions

(B) (R) (V) :■■■■


It seems to me that COMODO have fingers in so many pies at the moment that none of the new products are particularly stable. CFP3 GUI seems to be up and down like a yoyo when manipulating the GUI. And appears to be more so since the final release of CMF although it is difficult to substantiate that as fact.

I always keep My Pending Files clean and always switch to Installation Mode so those points should be discounted.

I raised this issue when release 3.0.13 was active. Unfortunately the performance issues were also tied up with the BOClean issue that has been sorted.

Since I do not have the facility to switch off the writing to My Pending Files, I don’t consider them to be MY files. They are files highlighted by Defense+ policing the system and should be investigated. I have no problem with that.

A lot depends on what is considered to be a Bug. My opinion is that software that takes over an hour to install when without the product only takes 5-10 minutes tells me that the product is not functioning efficiently and it should be considered to be a Bug.

Is anybody else experiencing this problem?

Perhaps I have some other parameter(s) set incorrectly!

Regards, V

I believe I have determined the cause and it’s not CFP3 Defense+.

Submitted a ticket to support and they suggested Disabling Defense+ which I did.

Un-installed and re-installed Real 11
No significant difference so after 35 minutes and only 67% through the install, I noticed Spyware Terminator Real Time Shield using lots of CPU, so I switched it off and the install completed after another two minutes.

Repeated above process with Spyware Terminator RT Shield Disabled and Defense+ Disabled.
Install took 4 minutes

Repeated the process with Spyware Terminator RT Shield Disabled and Defense+ set to Train with Safe Mode.
Install took 5 minutes.

Issue may be closed.

For completeness I have repeated the process with Miscellaneous > Settings > Update On-line Lookup set back on, Defense+ in Train with Safe Mode and Spyware Terminator Real Time Shield Disabled.
Install took 5 minutes.

Regards V