Performance in softwaredevelopment

I use the comodo firewall in a XP and VISTA environment and have the following issue:

I develop software using Delphi-Compiler. The compiler is installed local on the workstation. The source files are located on a network share.

Now the compile process needs a very long time. without compiler it needs one minute. Whit activated firewall more than 3 minutes. the computer have enough power, the CPU goes no more than 50%.

A application rule is defined that I trust my compiler and my subnet is trusted as global rule. Has any one a idea how to improve the performance or is this normal?

thanks for any answer

When you still have performance issues with the firewall on, you can try temporarily disable the firewall, when performing the compiling process… Maybe in the future the firewall will have some kind of pause functions for certain modes… for example, you set the block all mode and after a while it goes automatically to another predefined mode… so you pause a certain mode…

Seems not to work. I can set the level to disabled, but the performance is very slow. I can stop (kill) the service; same result.
Only deinstallation seems to help. after the deinstallation the compileprocess works fine as excepted. After a new installation: slow performance.

Very strange ?!?

any other idea?

I don’t have any definative ideas at the moment… but, perhaps this is an issue with the Defense+ part of CFP rather than the Firewall component.

heuby, does the problem disappear if you compile from local source files? Are you experiencing poor performance with LAN (this is a LAN?) traffic in general? Also can you confirm which version of CFP you have.

Stopping CFPs service (CMDAGENT) will not help. CFPs teeth are its drivers… and trying to stop those wouldn’t be a good idea, CFP might think it’s being attacked. It’s always best to disable CFP by using CFP itself.

PS Anything relevant in CFPs Logs?

Compiling with local files works fine. No performance-issue.

It seems that the problem is the Defence+ module. But disable doesn’t help.

At the moment I have deinstall the comodo-firewall. It’s a good product, but in a development environment (in a network) it has some performance issues.

I have to wait until a firewall-only product is available.

Wait no longer. Download Comodo V2.4, a good basic firewall.

Ummmm. That is not the answer. If you read his post completely you will see he uses Vista. 2.4 doesn’t support Vista.

Thanks for the correction Vettetech