Peregrine takes flight... Opera 10.0 Alpha 1 is here!

Opera 10.0 Alpha 1 is here!

What’s new? (Unix - Mac)

Presto 2.2 Engine
Performance boost
100/100 and pixel-perfect on the Acid3 test
Inline spelling checker
Opera Mail improvements, including rich text composition and delete after X days
Widget Improvements on Linux

Opera Next

Opera Developer Blog

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Inline spelling checker :o

So far I used Ospell and I really missed a builtin inline spellchecker.

Inline spelling checker, is that the same as a spelling checker that checks the very words I’m typing in this box?


Yep. mispellled words can be corrected usinng a list of suggestions.

[b]Inline Spelling Checker[/b]

Spelling errors are now indicated as you type via a red underline in input fields, Opera Mail, and Notes. The input field context menu includes spelling suggestions, as well as the ability to enable/disable the spelling checker and change dictionary languages. Opera 10.0 Alpha 1 includes a U.S. English dictionary. Only multi-line edit fields check spelling automatically by default.

Opera 10.0 uses the Hunspell dictionary format. Installing dictionaries will become easier before Opera 10.0 is released, but additional dictionaries can be downloaded and installed now by copying the dictionary files (*.aff and *.dic) to the local dictionary directory. Opera will recognize the additional dictionaries after restarting. The dictionary directory locations for each platform are listed below:
Windows: $PROFILE\dictionaries\ (where $PROFILE is the ‘Opera directory’ in opera:about)
Linux/UNIX: $PROFILE/dictionaries/ (where $PROFILE is the ‘Opera directory’ in opera:about)
Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/Opera 10/Dictionaries/

That’s great, I was missing this at least the first couple of weeks after I left Firefox.


Doing my first post with Opera 10 preview here. And to test the spell-checking :slight_smile:
So far so good.

Yep. :-TU But I really hoped Opera would add a support for GUI widgets/addon (eg like Firefox) as well :-\
seamlessy integrated UI widgets will provide an uniform interface whereas ATM widgets act almost as separate apps. :frowning:

I knew using Aspell was just a temporary substitute. :-TU

I reckon lots of people missed HTML mail composition, although I myself like my email in plain text…

It’s going to kick even more ■■■. :slight_smile:

I’m really convinced to switch from Firefox to Opera! :-[


About time 88) Opera is just great out the box :-*

going to test the alpha now

Okay, I’m using Opera 10 Alpha now! ;D Very nice out of the box, Changed home page, choose to delete History on exit. Very Good Opera!

I been using Firefox for ages… Hope I can stick with Opera! AND OMG THE MEMORY! 2-5MB? Are you serious? Firefox has been using like 60MB for so many years and this thing runs as light as CIS? WOW!! :BNC

EDIT: Well, When you start using Opera again… 23MB, Now 26MB. Not too bad though!


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I had to go back to Opera 9.62 as there were a few bugs in the alpha for me.

Running nice here. :slight_smile: What bugs did you have hey?


If I changed the colour scheme to blue there are a few GUI bugs. ( Tools → Appearance → Colour Scheme )
There would be a black like about a Centimetre thick line that apears at the 3/4 to the bottom that streches across the screen And at certain times it would have a CPU spike and cannot click any links or close the opera window, I have to wait for about 10 seconds till It responds.

And besides, I have a kewl Widget on opera 9.62 that I like 88)

When I think about, I do have Opera 10 freezing from time to time. I might switch back to 9.62 for safety. :slight_smile:


Except for some GUI glitches and that the ability to log in to an Exchange server is again broken, Opera 10 is running remarkably stable for an alpha release.

You mean FF?

I thought we were talking about a : Fast Userfriendly and light browser ?


Oh yeah. 88)

Does Opera have something like Noscript and Adblock? I have been thinking about changing over now that my webmail works with Opera…

Heres a pic of a peregrine i took last week on holiday(i know im bored,and a bit sad)

ps Xan 55ths yours in the GS

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