Per component install on CIS Complete possible..?


Quick question here. :slight_smile:

Friend was asking if she can make an install of Comodo per components from the Comodo Internet Security Complete 2011 installer? ( sort of a selective install…)

If so, how can it be done, say, (just assuming what she’d like to install…I forgot to ask) AV only, Firewall only(like that)

I do not know the answer since I am using the freeware version :-TU which is okay for my needs. (No money to buy also:)…lol:)


When your friend install CIS complete then he will install all components from CIS (AV+firewall+ d+ and comodo secure dns)

Valentin N

Hello Valentin N,

Appreciate the reply.

Pardon also as I may have confused you. I edited the post and to make it simpler (sorry ;)) I was asking if “selective install” can be possible.

I asked(sent sms) my friend (she) asked if she can install “Firewall / MaxD+ / Comodo Secure DNS” only…?(not the AV). ???

“When your friend install CIS then he will install all components from CIS (AV+firewall+ d+ and comodo secure dns)”
–Does that mean she cannot install per component basis(selective install)… ???

Thank you :slight_smile:

Since the complete and free applications are the same, I’m assuming she can opt not to install the AV.

strange… because when I execute the complete.exe and when I choose Internet security everything will be install without giving me the option to choose what I want to have…

When you run the cispremium installer, you receive an initial screen (image 1) asking what you wish to install. If you select all three options the entire suite will be installed. However, if you deselect the AV option you will receive an additional screen (image 2) From this screen you can select either the firewall only, or the firewall with one of two configurations for D+.

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Hi Voltron as far as I know you can’t deselect components with the Complete installer.
Check this link. Comodo Help
Kind regards.
Edit- Reason being the Virus free Guarantee would be void if all Components were not installed.

Ah! my mistake, I never knew there was a paid version! There again, I only use the firewall…

No probs. Premium = free
Pro or Complete or plus or advanced = paid

Kind regards.

Mind if I ask a question here…?

I posted a few weeks back with exactly the same question or idea in mind. The post is;msg495408#msg495408

Jake has explained it to me (…Thanks Jake:)…) that custom installation is not applicable or cannot be done with the CIS Complete 2011 installer and that the virus-free-guarantee would be void/wasted.

I can’t help but see an image in this link(from the link you provided in one of your replies

The image shows “Add and Remove Components” …is that for the CIS Complete 2011 or for the just Comodo Internet Security (free)…? Well I have it in my Start Menu (using the free version at the moment --without the AV/GeekBuddy) but just wanna ask for confirmation if the CIS Complete 2011 has it and may be a way to custom select…?

I do not remember seeing that when I installed CIS Complete 2011 before as I was looking for a way to “Change” install via the Control Panel. That Start Menu thing eluded my mind on that day.

I beg for consideration on replying/asking here but friends at wilders’ are asking me (since they know I have tried to attempt to do a custom install on CIS Complete 2011 but failed.

Saw this thread and the similarity and the image so I was temped to ask.


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Hi Gapp. Sorry this was covered before, I did miss that. I am only running Premium at this stage, most likely run Complete in near future so I am only guessing. I think the picture is probably showing Premium, because no other Comodo products are showing up in the folder. eg online backup and trust connect. Hope someone running Complete will confirm this for you. Kind regards.

She can only select what she wants to install if she download the free product. If she pays for it (plus/pro/complete) then all components will be installed.

Valentin N


Thanks very much for the help here. Now know what to explain to my friend. Thanks all :slight_smile: