Pepperflash(?) problem

Hello everyone, i’m new here so please be lenient :slight_smile:

My problem is connected with Pepperflash (i think…). For a long time, dunno since when excatly, i have those issues that i can’t play, click or to do anything with flash objects (mainly videos from YT) on sites where those objects are embedded. To see what i mean please just follow this thread and feel free to try to play video on it. Unofficial PBE Patch Notes for 4/13/2013 - News - Reign of Gaming It’s not an advertisement. It’s just an example of video on site (safe site tbh).

I checked on comodo forum few threads about similar problems and found this:;msg651252

I didn’t find any problem on other webkit browsers such as Chrome, Chromium, Coolnovo, Superbird, TorchBrowser and many many others. Also tried to check those flash directory’s of those webbrowsers and found that they use Pepperflash instead of NPSWF32 (Macromedia). So i figured out that problem is with pepperflash and to be precise with NOT having it by COMODO Dragon. Tried to follow siegfried advices but didn’t success ;/ Tried to reinstall flash, install older version of flash, install older version of dragon, tried to use portable version (now i’m just using newest and normal version of dragon).

If someone knows how to ADD pepperflash (siegfried advice about pasting it in dragon directory doesn’t work and i don’t get at all his another advice about starting dragon.exe with --ppapi-flash-path=.\PepperFlash\pepflashplayer.dll --ppapi-flash-version= I just don’t know how to do this. U can call me amateur but how can i start process with this command…).

Also here is my data about dragon, flash version and few other things:
Flash: 11.7.700.169. ActiveX plugin and normal plugin for other browsers.
Windows: 7 with all newest updates and SP’s.
GPU drivers: NVidia the newest one’s.

I hope someone has a solution and i’ll be able to play (mainly) videos on other sites except YT like i can on every other browser i have (not only webkit one’s).

If u want more data or details about my specification please feel free to post. I just don’t want to switch my main browser to another. I like COMODO products and always will but this problem is very annoying :frowning:

Regards, Last.

Edit: I did what user burabista advised in this comment:;msg668472#msg668472 and it totally worked! Now it’s working fine with all embedded YT videos.
So problem solved :slight_smile: