pepper flash is in dragon folders but doesn't show in dragon plugins

pepper flash is either in dragon’s program folder or app data folder but it doesn’t show in dragon’s plugins list. how do I make it show in dragon’s plugins list so I can enable it? if you don’t understand what I’m asking please let me know so I can better explain what I’m asking

Which version of Dragon are you using as I don’t see pepperflash in either location with the latest versions. As far as I recall it was taken out of Dragon. Have you installed Google Chrome at any time?


Maybe this information will be informative (or confusing):

I have been regularly using and updating Comodo Dragon since at least 12 months, I believe longer - forgot exactly when.

These are on my computer, my older one which I first gave an install of Dragon:

C:\Documents and Settings\Username\Local Settings\Application Data\Comodo\Dragon\User Data\PepperFlash\,
and inside there is manifest.json, Date Modified was 1/24/2012, 2 kb size.
In same path is pepflashplayer.dll, 7580 kb size, created on 1/24/2012.

I’m using Windows XP, s.p. 3. Comodo Dragon v 23.4

Pepperflash used to be included, in fact I first raised the question here. I guess if the browser has been continually updated since then, pepperflash may still be on the system…

I have the same as you. is there anyway to activate it.

EDITED: Correcting my statement…

I wish I knew. Also, if it could be activated, we would want to know if it would conflict with anything or fail to work properly. So far, with pepperflashplayer not being disabled, C D uses the plugin for adobe flash player.

Even if you can activate it - try looking for a command line option for adding the dll - you may not want to use it under Dragon. The most recent version of pepperflash is, whereas you have 11.1. It’s possible it may automatically update, if you can get it activated, but I’m really not sure it’s still supported under Dragon, hence the offer to install ‘normal’ flash during installation.

What would it mean to install “normal” flash for the portable form of Comodo Dragon? Would the installation of the flash go to the computer system, or would it go to a directory within the portable C D application?

It’s a standard, system wide, flash installation, not a PPAPI plugin.