People get Security Alerts when opening my messages

I’ve heard from the people I send messages to that they get a security alert (see example below) when they go to open my messages. I’m using OE on XP Pro SP3, and when I open one of my own messages in my Sent Items folder, I get the same security alert. I’ve looked at my certificate properties in CSE, and I don’t see any indication that anything’s wrong. Also, on the Certification Path tab, it says, “This certificate is OK.”

My certificate was issued by COMODO.

Security Warning

There are security problems with this message.
Please review the highlighted items listed below:

Message has been tampered with

Since the copies of messages in my Sent Items folder have never left my computer, they obviously haven’t been tampered with. What is causing this, and how do I fix it?

Hi mbrazil,

We’ve looking into this issue now and will respond to you soon.

Can you send any signed with this certificate message please to support or to me, please?

Regards, Eugene

Any progress on this?


Sorry, but all signed e-mails that you’ve sent to me are not tampered and are 100% OK.

Can you please forward any such e-mail as attachment?

Thanks in advance.

Regards, Eugene.

I just sent you one of the messages that indicates tampering as an attachment. According to the security information regarding this message provided in Outlook Express, there is no revocation information for the certificate. Also, OE says that the message has been tampered with.

Has this issue been resolved? How common is it?
I’m considering if I should use CSE.
Thank you

Sounds like this is still an on-going problem. I just had to remove Comodo’s digital signature and remove the CSE from my machine as emails I have send out over the past 2 days to people wer not getting through to some people. Others did not seem to have a problem.

Is it possible that if some does not have me listed in the Outlook contact file that the email security message would appear but for those who do have me in their contact list the digial signature is updated?

I sent myself several email and got an error message saying that there was a problem with encryption did I want to send the email unencrypted. If I did not I could not get it. That was on my machine. I like the program and the idea of a digital certificate but I also need to be incontact with my clients and not have email problems like this.

Also one of my clients stated that they received an email which was digitally signed and when the could not open it a message came up asking them to click on a link but when they did it did not go anywhere. They have deleted the email so I cannot get more details.

Any help is better than none!


Hi Everyone. I’m also experiencing this issue. I can send signed email from on account with CSE to another with CSE with no problems & Encryption / Decryption is successful. I sent myself an email to my work email address and have the digitally signed error message. Works email is on an Exchange server while home is on pop3 through I don’t see how the issue is happening. Current settings are for CSE to auto sign the emails with “Add digital signature to outgoing messages” disabled in Outlook 2003.

The problem occurs whether this option is ticked or not. See attached screenshot of alert.


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Hello, this is my first post here. Sorry to post this message in an old thread, but the problem is very similar, if not the same one, to the already discussed here.
Just installed CSE in three of my e-mails. I sent test messages to other electronic addresses I own, and in those without CSE certificates I always get the message (please see JPEG attachment, edited for privacy issues) indicating that the message was violated, giving the option of accept or not the message. When sending test messages to accounts with CSE installed, the problem did not ocurred.
Additional data: the three accounts eith CSE are Gmail ones, and the “problematic”, without CSE, are from local (Brazilian) ISPs or from an international (work place) provider.
OS.: VISTA Basic 32 bits, SP2, Brazilian Portuguese edition
Mail Client: Windows Mail (native in Vista)

Thanks in advance for the support, and I will be glad to provide additional issues.

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