People don't just dislike CIS, They dislike everything! :)

A lot of people here complain about CIS… I guess its justified (most of the time…) however here are some fun stuff I came across about some other products that shows that computer issues with other security softwares do exist… Its fun reading, personally I belive some comments are a bit crazy but its fun reading… =) Taken all critique from just one thread for both the products…

KIS 2010:

When Kaspersky disables your software, they will not tell you why-- it will say that you have "exceeded the number of authorized installations" and disable the program.
gave me a BSOD !
Good software but have bad support team.
this is pure bloat Avira is the best based windows virus scanner ever!
the sandbox doesnt work into vista 64. all apps I try to launch crash.


Norton 2010

Wow McAfee must have really been bad if you think Norton is actually good!
Norton is absolutly ■■■■. When we had it, it didn't do anything about viruses, it just told us about them... "WARNING! Your system is infected with the W32_NetSky.Q.Worm" That's what it said, so you click ok, and it just comes up again biggrin.gif In the C drive there was a little program called XZ.exe biggrin.gif
Norton 360 really did suck for me it did the exact same thing just yelled random warnings then just could'nt be arsed to do anything about it
Norton is one of those thing I remove straight away.
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I could probably go on with every software, all softwares seems to have their haters… (and lovers…) I posted this since I thought it is fun reading, and quotes such as this:


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