Pending Files

Hi everyone, first time here, hope I am in the right one.
Could some one please tell me what this File Path means in Pending Files, and can I remove them as I have quite a few as Comodo has listed them “Untreated”
C:\System\Volume Information_restore{CID79D31-9CC3-41E4-9858 “Untreated”
Many Thanks.

That folder is the folder for Windows System Restore. I think CIS cannot access it. The system restore folders are protected in its default settings. You can not access them using Windows Explorer nor can the contents be changed by the end user or programs.

You can safely remove them.

Just elaborating a bit more on System restore folders in general for future reference. Anti virus and anti spyware scanners can scan the content of System Restore folders but cannot remove malware they found.

It is possible to open the System Restore Folders following the guidelines of this Microsoft Knowledge Base article: . After doing this the anti malware programs can remove malware that was caught in System Restore folders.