Pending files take too long to be reviewed by Comodo

the people at Comodo don’t seem to check any more the new files that are released by software vendors and classed as “pending” by Defense+. Files from popular name-brand software that’s been around for a long time are classed as “unknown” after installing, and even after being submitted they remain so for months. Sometimes even files from Comodo’s own updates are classified as ünknown" by Defense+, one would think that you should certify them before releasing the updates.
This, besides being inconvenient for users, runs the risk of making Comodo products seem as not being well taken care of, which can be deadly for a security application’s consumer standing.
When I first started using Comodo, the submitted files were quickly examined and rated by the Comodo technicians. What has changed in Comodo’s operating policies?


May I also add, way too many files are unknown to Defense+ and considered unsafe. E.g. Comodo’s own lps.exe (Live PC Support) from Comodo System Cleaner. Almost anything downloaded (including well-known applications from large vendors) ends up in Pending Files…