Pending files question

With proactive defence you get Pending Files which you may set as trusted.

If you don’t make them trusted, what happens?

How does the suite react to these non-trusted pending files?

When I tried the suite I noticed the Firefox extension, Flashgot, always came back as Pending even though I had set it to trusted, hence, my question.

Also, if the kids don’t set the pending files to trusted will it impact their normal use of the PC.

I want a strong defence but not at the expense of complaints from the Gen-Yers


Usually with Proactive Defense you won’t get Pending files. Please check under Miscellaneous → Manage My Configuration that you are actually using the Proactive Defense.

With kids on your computer you may be interest in [url=http://V}Configuring CIS for Maximum Security with ZERO Alerts[/url] which uses the Parental Control option of CIS to good effect.