Pending Files - HarddiskVolumeShadowCopy59

Just installed v3 on Vista, replacing the WIndows Firewall. Notice I have a lot (around 70) files in Pending Files, most of them in \Device\HarddiskVolumeShadowCopy59\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download
What are all these files and what should I do with them?

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Here is a clip from the help files on the Pending files.

The 'My Pending Files Area allows the user to:

Assess the pending files to determine whether or not they are to be trusted. If they are trustworthy, they can be moved to ‘My Safe Files’ using the ‘Move to’ button. Similarly, files that are suspicious can be moved to the ‘My Quarantined Files’ area.

Use the ‘Lookup…’ feature to see if the master Comodo safelist contains more information.

Send the file to Comodo for analysis using the ‘Submit’ feature

Manually add files to the pending list for look-ups or submitting to Comodo

Use the ‘Purge’ feature to scan the list for files that no longer exist on your system and remove them from the "My Pending Files’ list.
In order to access pending files, navigate to: Defense+ Tasks > Common Tasks > My Pending Files.

What I usually do is to purge first. This gets rid of any file in the pending list that is no longer on your computer. Then I use “Lookup” and “send”. If you know the rest are safe files then you can move them to your safe files. If you don’t want them as safe you can remove them. This is a very helpful feature of CFP as it adds not only to your own safe file list but also to the Comodo safe file list.

Hope this is a help to you


The volume shadow copy files are extra copies of system files and are created to allow backup of the entire disk’s contents by imaging software. Since the system files are in use when the system is running, those files cannot ordinarily be copied otherwise. They can safely be ignored. I would not bother to submit them and the way to deal with them is to select them and click Remove to take them off the Pending Files list.

Thanks - yes the Purge got rid of them all and I am just left with a couple of files to analyse!