Pending files for Avast

Hi, I wonder if anyone else has this problem.

Every time Avast Antivirus from Alwil Software updates Defense+ places 3 files into the Pending files log.

See here…

I move them to My Own Safe Files and they appear on the next update to Avast.

Am I always going to see them or is there a way of setting up a rule for them?



I am afraid if you use Clean PC Mode you are stuck with them for the time being. Hopefully the way pending files are handled may change in future releases/updates but for now you could just keep removing them. I use Train with Safe mode so I dont get any files in pending list anymore.


Thanks for your reply, I will just remove them.


hello i just noticed that in the new version of Comodo , i no longer get this pending files for Avast

Use D+ in safe mode then you do not get pending files.

i’m sorry but what i meant was eversince i upgraded to the new version, I no longer have these pending files from avast maybe this version of Comodo already fixed it. I really don’t mind removing those files every start-up, it became some sort of routine for me =)

has anyone else noticed this? I’m using D+ in Clean PC Mode and no more pending files from Avast every start-up =)

You probably automatic updated (I assume), So therefore, No you won’t get pending files again, Unless you do a fresh re installation.