pending files and own safe files lists...

wondering what it’s for, I mean now. Release after release, the behavior has been changed, when in my opinion, the right behavior was how it was in the beginning. Anyway, what happens now ? most files found in the pending file list (assuming you’re in def + "clean PC mode) are those from stuff downloaded and/or installed after CIS installation. Fair enough. But: 90% percent of those, after they’ve been submitted, are never checked by Comodo. You can do a look up again after weeks, and they’re still “unknown”…so supposedly "untrusted; and I’m talking from files from OpenOffice or Java updates…so you either remove them from the pending file list, completely, or move them to the “own safe files” list…and what’s the difference ? none. CIS will behave the same way in both cases. Files are trusted as if they were there before CIS was installed and “clean PC mode” policy got applied.
Now in the case of the rare files found trusted after a look up in the pending file list, they’re automatically moved to the own safe files list, mixed with the ones you moved there yourself manually without being a 100% sure, in theory, that they’re safe. And better: the look up function to check again just in case, has been removed from the “own safe file list”. So you got to move all that junk again to the pending file list if you want to check again…convenient…
The old behavior was to move all the files found safe by Comodo to an internal database that wasn’t visible, and the own safe files list was only populated by files you moved there yourself (with, again, the ability to do a look up from there once in a while). So if you now want to do that look up, as said you must send them back to the pending file list where they’re gonna be mixed again with hundreds of unknown and untrusted other files…ridiculous.
So what’s my point ? those lists have become completely useless, the worse being that Comodo doesn’t check anything, apart from a few files that have been in their database for ages, so updated versions of those will be set to trusted after a few days, and that’s it. Which means that the CIS interface is now cluttered with empty features, that use to be…well, features. Two solutions: remove manually all pending files without any sort of check, or stop using the clean pc mode completely. What’s your take?

Comodo has modified deeply the behavior of Def+ regarding those lists, because people were complaining, some because they didn’t understand the behavior…yeah, not Comodo’s fault at all; and there were some bugs like trusted files that use to get back to the pending file list indefinitely. Those bugs have been resolved in the easiest possible way: the pending file list doesn’t do its job anymore, period.

Remain two simple tasks, just in case CIS would ■■■■■ up, the own safe files place, and the blocked files one…you can leave that; but in its current state you can remove the pending file lists completely. I’d love to to that myself actually, if there was an option ;D

Pending files never got any response for me when doing the online look-up, there was always an error or file unknown. Changed to safe/paranoid (depending on circumstances) and don`t even have to bother with the unpredictable thing that is Pending/Safe files, Good in theory, not in practise, imo

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didn’t get notified for your reply; anyway I’ve been doing this too for a while now, leaving the “CleanPCMode” for good and switching to either safe or paranoid mode for Def+, best way to avoid the whole pending file and useless file submission mess.