"Pending" and "Own Safe" windows empty

Hi all,

I realized I’ve been waiting for an answer in the wrong forum, and this is a Defense+ question.

Been using Comodo for a year. Running WinXP Pro SP3.

Updated to 3.8.65951.477 and now there are no files showing in the “My Own Safe…” and “My Pending…” The pending (pending.nme) database appears to contain information, but the safe one (safe.nme) is empty. I can’t add any files to “My Own Safe” by browsing … after applying, they’re not there.

The “Pending” and “Mark Safe” folders under “All Users” do contain the full info – just not under the program itself, and nothing shows up to purge, check or submit.

The diagnostics report all is well. Defense+ is logging.

Network security policy seems okay – all the programs variously accepted are there.

Other areas (Network Zones, Active Connections, Firewall Events, etc.) appear to be functioning and current.

What has happened and how can it be fixed?



A similar thing happened to me when I updated to 3.8.xxxxx.471
That is, My Own Safe Files list went empty. I’d like to hear what’s going on with that.

The same happens here as well.
Even the Pending & Safe nme files are missing.
Not worried at the moment, as D+ is still working.
But would like an answer to this puzzle.

Same problem after updating here, running XP Pro SP2. I still have the MarkSafeList.txt and PendingList.txt files under All Users directory, but the pending and safe hse/nme files in the database directory are empty.

Is it possible to transfer the relevant data to the new files?