For everyone not knowing, PeerGuardian is a security app that filters IP/hostnames. You can import lists to it.

I also must say that gives more info on what connections are being made, than CFP does it self. It is a great alie to CFP, actually.

There are so many lists a person can use with it. It goes from known spyware IP/hostname, anti-p2p agencies (read to block them), hijacked sites, bogon IPs, ads, etc, etc… So many.

Web site: Solana Compass: Solana Staking, TPS Performance Statistics, Validator + More

Forum here: -

Lists: I-BlockList | Lists or anyothers you may know of. Allows to automatically update them.

At the moment, the Vista version is under tests and it is quite stable. Just a crash from time to time if you try to block or unblock a site/ip if it is being blocked by any of the lists you may have. Other than that, it is great.

I knew about it for quite some time now, but only yesterday realised there was a test version for Vista and gave it a try. It’s amazing.

And all that for free and it is open sourced, so everyone can improve it…

Tell me your thoughts :wink:


I tried it. Worked great at first. Then suddenly some blocklists got deleted by themselves. And even with updating I couldn’t get them back. So I uninstalled it. I don’t know if anyone else had this issue.

When did you try it?

Could it be because those lists stoped existing/being updated and the guys behind peerguardian decided not to host the links for them anymore?

Have you reported that in the peerguardian forum?

The only list that weren’t deleted were the antispyware ones. Almost all other ones were deleted. It was last year when I tried it ^^ I haven’t reported it. Is there a new version yet ?

The version I am using is 2.0 RC.

Well, I am using it only for 1 day and a half, so I can’t really say that something like what happened to you won’t happen, but so far so good.

Hmm I think that’s not the same ver I tried. I’ll check it out again then.