Unable to update PeerGuardian with Custom Security Level.

If I change to Allow All I can update.

Anybody else experiencing this?

I’m running PG2 & I’ve not had any problems. I only have 1 entry in CPFs Application Monitor (I assume that I added this, via a pop-up, when CPF first encountered PG2) & I haven’t set-up anything else for PG2.

Is there anything in CPFs log relevant to the PG update attempt?

Updating work just fine here also.

I have the same problem. Comodo did not detect PG connecting to the internet and i had to add an entry in application control rules (TCP or UDP, In/Out, Any IP, Any Port). I also skipped parent (what the hell is that). All these did not solve the problem and i ended up having to temporarily allow all connections before PG can be updated

Most leaktests attack the parent of the Internet connecting process as a method of circumventing your firewall. However, I don’t think this is an issue for PG. But, the parent process is important.

No problem updating PeerGuardian here.

Have you selected to “Scan for known applications” under SECURITY - TASKS? This should add the necessary rules for PG and PG2.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

How should the “parent” be specified?

In the application rule, you can specify to “Skip parent check”.

Ewen :slight_smile: