PeerGuardian still needed?

Good day everyone!

I used CFP v3 with D+ and PeerGuardian before. When I checked PeerGuardian’s log it is empty, so I assume that CFP filtered my connections before PG does. But I’ve read that PG is good (and necessary) if I have to use p2p programs such as utorrent. Do I really still need PG if I have to use p2p? How can I know that PG is blocking ip’s as it should if the log is empty? What should I do if I want PG to block ip’s first and then let CFP filter allowed ip’s by PG?

you have a problem in peerguardian lists :slight_smile:

Disabling CFP populates the PG logs with blocked ip’s so I’m (almost) certain PG is working. But with CFP enabled both allowed and blocked ip’s are not logged though I enabled logging.

It could be that the PG2-driver had crashed,it does happen sometimes.
To see if PG2 is actually working just enable logging of allowed traffic
and see if it show the activity when you browse or whatever… or enable HTTP-blocking and browse to listed site…
But in my experience PG2 does appear to block less connections when Comodo is enabled,
I think this behaviour is caused by the fact that Comodo’s SPI by default blocks all non-solicited
incoming connections so Comodo catches the most obvious “noise”,especially UDP, before PG2 sees it.
But you still need PG2 because a “bad IP” could be connected to the tracker and seen as a legitimate peer,
turning the connection to solicited and therefore allowed by Comodo.
Maybe you just happen to be lucky enough to not have made a connection-attempt to a block-listed IP
(or maybe you have DHT disabled, that also reduces the number of blocks in the log

Use Protowall instead of PeerGuardian.

I will reinstall PG to see if the same problem is there.

Regarding Protowall, I’ll try to test it too. Thanks everyone for the info and help.

PG2 does indeed crash with some regularity (in certain environs).
CFP is not - I repeat, not a substitute for an ip blocker, unless you’ve found a way to incorporate your block lists into CFP’s Blocked Network Zones (in which case you’d better tell me how you did it).
If you’re p2p-ing, and PG2 is showing no blocks in or out, then you might try two things:

  1. Uninstall then reinstall PG2 to see if that changes anything.
  2. Add PW to your arsenal in addition to PG2 and CFP.

Some say you cannot run Protowall and PeerGuardian simultaneously, but I have done exactly that for over two years. PW seems to get all the inbound nasties, PG2 gets all of the outbound, and Comodo catches everything that doesn’t explicitly comply with the rules I’ve configured for peer-to-peer.
Have a great weekend guys.

I’m not successful in installing ProtoWall before that’s why I’m not able to test it yet. And I’ve read that it’s harder to configure that PG.

Comodo FP with ip filter will be great. CFP with layer 2 SPI is a champ!

Installing Protowall correctly can be a pain, here’s a video (45MB .avi, open with WMP)
showing you exactly how to install :
You are supposed to use the BlockList-Manager to update your lists for PW …

That’s right.
Gots me a folder on my desktop called “p2p” in it there’s:
Blocklist Manager
My .p2p list (BLM generated)
µtor + CFP conifigurations.txt

  • a few other odds & ends

I torrent regularly without incident, but it took some tweaking to get it all just right.