Peerguardian is not working with Comodo 3?

Hi guys, I have run into a really weird issue here. I installed Peerguardian and Comodo made a rule for it (I believe it was allow IP out from IP any to IP when protocol is Any), but, when I am using uTorrent (which works just fine with the rules created with the tutorial posted), I am not seeing any IPs being blocked whatsoever in PG2. My lists are all there, the amount of IPs it SHOULD be blocking is there, and, weird as it seems, it may be blocking without logging because I can’t get to these forums with HTTP Block enabled. I’m not real sure what to do here, whether the rule is messed up or something else is going on. I just won’t download anything else until I get it straightened out. Oh, if it helps, PG2 worked perfect before Comodo was installed, and, I did the troubleshooting the PG2 forums tell you to (deleting the cache file and restarting and all that).

If you search this forum you will find another thread about this. I don’t think they get along. I actually don’t use it Never needed it since my hardware modem is port forwarded to only 1 port.

Bummer, I’ve had my ■■■■ saved by that program many times. Oh well, thank you for the reply and help :slight_smile:

I download from uTorrent all the time. Never any problems.

You can try adding it as a Trusted Application if you really want to use it (Hence the problems):

Defense+/Advanced/Computer Security Policy. Then look for the exe for PG and edit it as Trusted.


I use PG2 and Protowall (+ CFP3) without incident. Peerguardian not logging blocks is usually (in my experience) a PG problem - I’ve had PG do some funny things before, all of which were fixed with a reinstall (or Start > Programs > Peerguardian > Recover).

I too love the app.