peerguardian conflicts with comodo firewall 3.0 and comodo memory firewall?


Dear comodo support forum and community,

I’dlike to ask you if peerguardian ( conflicts with comodo firewall 3.0 and comodo memory firewall? Is it must and effective or cfp covers the p2p connections? don’t you think it’s redunct? but I heard the peerguardian It does not really conflict, but It blocks that rogue (false) P2P sites connect to someone’s computer and, It definetely block some software to be downloaded only (possibly non-legit ones ) and use the internet bandwidth making your downloads slower. Thus, I want to find out with comodo techs and expertises if can use t together with cfp and cmf without any conflcts? I’d appreciate your hints and instructions about it. I have already set up in my pc togeteher wth comodo (cfp and cmf) and it’s working nicely? Do I have to ditch it? Best regards.


There are other threads about this. The 2 of them dont along that well but honestly I use uTorrent and Frostwire for years and never needed peer gaurdian. Do you have a hardware firewall?


yes,Vettetech, I have a hardware firewall (netgear), but it does not protect so efectively as I thought it would protect my 2 pcs (network) because my children drop in on some games sites and sometimes I got some regards.


If you surf with Firefox and have a good av then you should never really get infected. If your kids are downloading and surfing this that and the other thing then maybe you should look at Sandboxie or Returnil. Also there are several Firefox extensions for limiting children. Returnil is your best bet cause your kids can download and do all they want. Just reboot and all changes are undone. I use Sandboxie myself. Comodo with its D+ (HIPS) involves user intervention. So if your kids click yes to malware then it will run.

thanks, vettetech, for the hints. I have already purchased sandboxie but you must run webbrowse sandboxed and about returnil I had used in the past and the handicap you can’t update the softwares.I think I will try it out again because it’s a better suggestion for this regards.


You can force Sandboxie to run your browser so that way there IE or FF will always be under a Sandbox. You can tighten down Sandboxie to the point where only what you want will run in the Sandbox. If your using Returnil and you need to update something then simply shut off Returnil and do your updstes then switch it back on.