PeerGuardian blocks Comodo?

Hi Kail:

I like your picture, scares me for sure! Please take my writing style of questions in stride, they are never personal, just questions sometimes poorly phrased. :SMLR

On the list # question, I was unclear, the #1 I referred at that point was the first ip from that list that I choose to block myself as a rule in my network control block list. I did the whois lookup and then the two tests you saw. Found what I found and left the range blocked. My view is if there is reasonable doubt about an ip address block it.

The short answer to “…You’re not seriously considering blocking all 160,160 I…” is No I won’t do that. The PC would spend all it’s time sifting through lists of ip’s.

But I hope you can understand what worries me, I have arrived here using CFW from the world of ZA Pro. Why? As explained to Toggie in one of my first posts, I had had enough of the uncontrolled calls home to the ZA mothership. Even though I turned all that off according to their instructions the FW continued to make unsolicited access attempts to dozens of dubious sites. In other words, their turn off switch did not work. Users had to enter the sites and block them.

Now after only a week or so this list pops up of mixed bad and good sites with the word Comodo in site names. So it should not be unexpected (I hope) that this raises questions.

You are saying I think that these ip’s can ONLY be a concern for P2P and not “normal” connects? I don’t understand that but that is my skill limit. How does an ip know that it is only for P2P use?

How do I ensure my pc can’t do p2p!

Regardless at this point we don’t yet know why these sites are there. Can someone ask the list creators why that is? Does this make sense.

Just out of curiosity, how do you guys decide or recommend how to find what ip’s to block yourselves?

I’m sorry… I didn’t want to alarm you in anyway. Don’t worry about this P2P List… you got it reversed. They are mostly good guys… I’ve explained in more detail below. That IP you’ve been looking at is just an ISP who have a server cluster called comodo… all their stuff is named after reptile or animal names or something. Forget them, zero threat.

Simple (and it might be wrong, since you may other other users to consider). Do not install/run any P2P applications. :slight_smile:

Yes, but let me say something important about this particular P2P List… all, or most of it, are the worlds most cleanest, honest, open (Good? If a corp can be) corporations & organizations, like… the UN, WHO (World Health Organization), UNHCR, MS, Dell, OSF, etc… these are not evil (well… some might be :wink: ) groups… they are basically all the lawful Orgs, Corps, etc… that obey the law of the lands they operate in. Most of P2P traffic is… iffy at best & highly illegal (criminal) at worst. Which means, according to the law, if any of the above goodies find out about it or discover they are involved in it (directly/indirectly… doesn’t matter which) then they must report it & stop it immediately. If they don’t, the law strikes at them as well & there’s also the liability issue for Corps (hurts revenues). So, do not worry about these people… I’m fairly sure the Red Cross are not after your data & are not going to report you for P2P stuff… that you aren’t even using.

The only IP that I currently have blocked is of an Application that wants to phone home & I don’t want it to. I did tell it… but, it just would not listen. PS Oh and every IP on my ISPs sub-net.

Bottom line: Unless you “expose” yourself in some way (I’m talking about your system here :D) by running a P2P client or a uTorrent client or something that needs an open listening port… I’m assuming that you’re running a firewall here, and you have now open ports… then nobody is going you even know you exist… except by your web browsing… even when they’re looking for you. And all the better if you have a router with a hardware firewall/NAT. Stealth. :slight_smile:


Only a returned “unreachable” would indicate “no one there”.

So from the lack of answers to original question:= “Does “comodo CA” now participate in anti-p2p?”, I take it no one knows.