Peerguardian 2 and comodo 3...

Is it necessary to use peerguardian 2 along with comodo 3 simultaneously while using utorrent, pg2 as such blocks a lotta useful IPs from connecting to my PC but I find that comodo does a darn good job at port stealthing :BNC… so can i use em both without any repercussions or m i fine just with comodo 3?

Also, would using the options under ‘attack detection settings’(block fragmented IP datagrams, Do Protocol Analysis, Protect ARP Cache, Block gratuitous ARP frames) kill my download speeds by any means?

[Off topic]-Is it safe to increase windows xp sp 2’s connection limit from 10 to 50 for better speeds during file sharing?

Version in use -


They work just fine together. CFP3 and PeerGuardian are two different kind of softwares, so none of them can replace the other one. Stealthing ports and blocking IP’s are not quite the same thing.
As for if it’s necessary, none of them are, but they increase your security.

No, they won’t. I have everything except ‘Block Fragmented IP Datagrams’ enabled, and there’s no impact on speed. However, it’s not recommend to have ‘Block Fragmented IP Datagrams’ enabled with routers, as routers sends fragmented packets.

Yes, it’s safe. I don’t know of any security risks by doing so, but maybe someone else does.


Thanx! :■■■■