Peer to Peer set up

I have BearShare… I already set it up as a trusted application but I need to know if I set it up right. Should it be an ftp instead? how do I make changes to the way comodo treats bearshare now?

Oops! just realized I have v3, sorry…

This must be a dumb ? I’ll try to figure it out…

OK I will rephrase the Question; Is a peer to peer connection(like bearshare,kazalite etc.) a browser or a trusted application or a ftp or should you do a custom network security policy application rule?

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I haven’t used Kazaa Lite in years, so I don’t recall if it requires incoming connections to a listening port on your PC, but if it’s similar to uTorrent, then it’s best that you set to Custom instead one of the predefined rules like Trusted App, FTP, etc.

Here’s a uTorrent tutorial that might be related:

There are more than one way of configuring. Good luck.