Peer Guardian 2 and V3

                                                     Hi Everyone,

Does anyone use PG 2 beta, along with the latest V3 version? PG 2 runs fine as a trusted application, but I have to disable my firewall to manually update PG 2 . Does anyone know how to set the firewall, to accept PG 2 updates ?
Thanks !


I’m using CFP 3 together with PG 2 BETA without any problem. Defense+ in Paranoid Mode and the firewall in Custom Policy Mode.
Here’s what my rules for PG 2 looks like:

Allow TCP Out From 0A-0A-0A-0A-0A-0A (My MAC-adress, you can use Any) To Any Where Source Port Is Any And Destination Port Is In Browser Ports (80, 443, 8080)

Allow UDP Out From 0A-0A-0A-0A-0A-0A to [DNS Server] Source Port Any Destination Port 53

Block And Log Incoming/Outgoing IP-traffic

Do you get anything in the logs while running the updates?
Else, if you have the eduction-list for PG, it’ll block updating unless you allow HTTP-traffic in PG.


Thanks for your tips, they worked great !

Ragwing, surely there has to be a better solution ?

Well, it depends on what you mean with “better”. If you think it’s “better” with a rule that allows all TCP/UDP-traffic, then it’ll also work just fine.