Peaceand quiet, it seems

I was certain I heard a noise somewhere around here.
The past 24 hours have gotten very quiet by comparison to the last few weeks.

Everyone is in the CIS Board. :slight_smile:


I just came from there. Even that is quiet this evening.

Well Everyone is Testing CIS then :stuck_out_tongue:


hehehe. Good one, my friend. Well played.

It’s the weekends in my hemisphere 88). Weekends is usually when north america is more quiet in the forum.

It’s sunday here but here I am starting riots on the forum :stuck_out_tongue:

hmmm i can “accidentally” ban someone & make some noise 88)

for what reason? not spamming enough? :smiley:

wanna spam CRC board? ^^ the public version of CRC has been released you know? ^^
you can make some noise there, and i’ll be the hero, ban you, and save the day (:HUG)
(beside, i need banning practice 88) )

Yeah, you haven’t banned anyone yet did you 88)


It does seem very quite… :-\


Let’s just await the real release of CIS, then it should start again …


You don’t know that… 88)


Have you read the “should” 88)

Xan (:LGH)

Yes… :-[

maybe we should allow 2 or 3 spammers :THNK that should “enrich” the forum. :THNK

I DO believe 1 is enough ;D

Yes... :-[
I always cover myself in ;D


we should have 1 spambot :THNK

You’re already the certified spammer Ganda.