PDFCreator 1.0.2 installer seems to be FP

PDFCreator-1_0_2_setup.exe (PDFCreator installer) is defined as virus by Comodo:

Product site: PDFCreator: Download our free PDF converter here - pdfforge
Name of detection: Application.Win32.SearchSettings.a@117529484
CIS database number: 5803
CIS version: 3.14.147648.588

Hi b99_fim,

This is not a false detection. Detected file is a potentially unsafe application and if you intent to use it further,you can add it to exclusion list.

You can find more details for this kind of detection here: https://forums.comodo.com/av-false-positivenegative-detection-reporting/cis-malware-naming-rules-for-potentially-dangerous-applicationsriskware-t38506.0.html;msg277700#msg277700 .

Kind Regards,
Erik M.

Thank you.