PDF-XChange PDF Viewer


I installed PDF-XChange PDF Viewer as pdf reader.
I can’t open pdf files with Dragon portable, but i can do it with a standard installation of Dragon

Worth the test.

Here, laptop computer has PDF-Xchange Viewer installed, but not any other currently installed; Windows XP sp3. Internet connection is wireless. Available on usb flash drive is PORTABLE Comodo Dragon version 21.02.

As test, visited a website for a Southern California community college and opened PDF version of their schedule of classes (by right-click, and choosing “open in new tab”). Needed more than 2 minutes(big file, almost 4 megabytes), but the file at the site DID open. Perfectly viewable in C D browser.

I hope you can get some help to make yours work.

Hi pgreek and string_game,
I use PDF-XChange PDF Viewer but not its plug-in, I just let the PDF file download then click open at the bottom left corner.
This opens the file in your default PDF viewer and in my case PDF-XChange is my only viewer.

Make sure PDF-XChange is set as your default viewer.
Also check Dragons plug-ins for any obsolete or unwanted plug-ins from previous installed viewers.
To check installed plug-ins type or copy dragon://plugins/ into the address bar.

Hi captainsticks and string_game

I checked installed plug-ins type and PDF-XChange is correctly installed but, again, i can’t view pdf with Dragon portable.
I attached a screnshoot of a pdf file opened in Dragon portable.

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Hi pgreek,
The best solution I can come up with at the moment is to disable the PDF-XChange plug-in and download/open (Screenshot) the file external from the browser instead.
This just stores a copy of the PDF file in your download location (Instead of temp location) and opens the file in PDF-XChange viewer external from the browser.
I hope that works for you.
I hope that is as sufficient workaround for now, until a solution for the plug-in is found.

If I come up with a solution for your plug-in I will post back.

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Hi captainsticks,

Thanks, i will try your suggestion

I solved the problem.
Pdf plugins are incompatible with NotScripts extension

Thanks for posting your findings pgreek, this information might be helpful for others. :-TU