PDF viewers What do you use?

Just curious what PDF viewers people use and why? I am currently using PDFxchange from Tracker, I am finding it quite fast and resource friendly. Thanks for any comments. Kind regards to all.

I use something called Adobe Reader. It works pretty well, and is free. :stuck_out_tongue:

adobe reader is vary heavy, check out foxit reader, I have used it for a while and it is very fast and light.

Well, what I mainly use is Adobe Acrobat Pro (Reader is on another PC, which is fast enough). Maybe it is heavy, but I don’t work with PDFs for long amounts of time.

PDF-XChange Viewer is my preferred one.
No more Adobe bloat for me.

The problem with some 3rd party viewers/creators is that things might look slightly different. I prefer using the standard, so I have minimal problems.

I run both foxit (as a lightweight reader) and Adobe full (as a heavy weight pdf creating software).

Both are notably spywares, but i am not sure of a third party solution, excepting PDF-X Change i know nothing about.

I have also used Sumatra, probably the lightest pdf client, on usb flash devices because it can be made portable, but the results quality is very bad, and it can only be used for plain text.

Foxit or Nitro. Depends on mood. :smiley:

Adobe Reader.

I use Sumatra PDF Viewer


Foxit I hate all the security issues with adobe.

I dumped adobe for foxit long ago… ;D

I also use foxit cause its light and contains less vulnerabilities.

I use Nitro too.
Foxit is 2nd choice.

sumatra pdf

Greetings all!

Sure FoxIt, Sumatra , Nitro … or anything else except Adobe
It will be dead soon anyway

… including several things to consider:

  • no support for x64 … you still stuck with 32bit version only;

  • the latest huge ■■■■■■■ up if one used an update
    with the Reader and/or Acrobat Pro (if one use any Adobe Pro as a part of a Suite); basically the only way is to reinstall, which does not work in 99.999% cases



neither on Mac where the kinda some “special” patch was released, nor on XP for sure (no patch yet if ever)…



If making no error, nitro is unable to import pdf from a scanner: rhedibitory as, in these conditions, you still need another software to do the job while, as a pure reader, foxit is largely smaller.

Haihaisoft_PDF_Reader its free and light on my computer

Thanks to you all for your replies, your input made for some good interesting reading. Kind regards to you all.

I use Nitro PDF. It’s pretty good. :slight_smile: