PDF openng weirdness with Defence+


I have this weird problem when opening PDF files that I have stored on memory stick and created myself using CutePDF virtual PDF printer.

The files are the same that lie on my desktop. They are copied to pen drive from hdd, so they should be identical. Computer has W7 os and hd is formatted as NTFS. Pen drive is formatted as FAT.

Now when I open a PDF from desktop, everything is smooth. But when I open one from pen drive, defence+ goes nuts. First I get asked if PDF file is allowed to interact with Adobe Reader. If I click “Allow”, I get asked if it is okay for the same PDF file to use DNS service through svchost.exe and when I decline I get asked if PDF is okay to modufy some internet proxy settings at registry. Weird, huh?

If I decline the PDF — Reader interaction I get asked if PDF is okay to interact with bunch of differen services, which include explorer.exe and some totally unrelated running processes.

I have scanned the file with two online multiscanners, they are clean. File sizes differ, probably because of different file system used.

What is the catch with these occurrences? How is pen drive different from hdd in the eyes of Defence+ when opening PDF files?


External media is always considered untrusted.

Now how annying is that? I constantly use pen drive as backup and document transportation and for presentations. I see the point - external media possesses greater risk for infection.

Is there any way Defence+ could be configured so that it would allow typical behaviour for known files, such as PDF files, but block suspicious attempts from these known sources, so I could just smoothly use my computer with pen drives?

No, any rules created for applications on external media will fail.