PDF file

When I go to www.prudential.co.za and I go to their funds, I usually open the fact sheets to see the details of the funds. It works in Chrome, by opening the PDF file in a new tab like it should.

In Comodo Dragon it gives me a save as dialogue box, instead of open the PDF file in a new tab.

I don’t now how to fix this.

Would rather be using Comodo Dragon than Chrome.

Any ideas?


Hi Bliksemsnel and welcome. :slight_smile:

Chrome has Chrome PDF Viewer and Dragon currently does not have the viewer. However, the PDF Viewer has been open sourced (PDFium) and included in Chromium (37+), which means that a PDF viewer can be expected in an upcoming release of Dragon.

Hi JoWa,
I’d suggest he tries SumatraPDF Browser Plugin. Providing you let it know you want to use it for all browsers (tick all the option boxes during installation), it will then be the default for all PDF files and many other file types. It’s also free & open source. Current version is 2.5.2. It’s also fast & small (1.5MB) with printer functions, way more efficient than the Adobe Reader block buster, from memory it’s 70+MB’s…

Bliksemsnel is in for a long wait if he expects Comodo to provide it any time soon.
Dragon is still languishing at Rev 33 while Chromium will be streets ahead at Rev 37+ or more by the time Dragon catches up. Rip Van Winkle comes to mind.

I have a feeling 37 will be the next version of Dragon. :wink: Chrome 37 has been in the beta-channel since 17 July and will soon be released to the stable channel.

If I didn’t have Chrome PDF Viewer (I use Chrome on Ubuntu), I would probably use this PDF Viewer-extension.

Thank you for your inputs everyone.

The easiest solution for me would be to just use IceDragon instead.

It’s a bit slower than Comodo Dragon but more compatible with a variety of programs.