pdf file keeps try to open

I’m running FireFox 4 and keep getting a “you have chosen to open” window that pops up as if I’ve download a PDF file and FireFox is asking if I want to open it or save it.

The file is a manual I downloaded about a year ago from www.golfbuddyglobal.com and have since deleted.

I have cleaned my machine using Ccleaner but it still pops up every couple of days.

Is there a way to block this process in Comodo firewall?

I think this is probably more of a browser issue than a firewall issue. Potentially, you could block your PDF reader in the firewall, but that would serve little purpose.

Can you create the event at will, if so what are the steps to recreate. if it’s random, what sort of things are happening in the browser when it happens.

A simple approach, assuming it is browser related, would be to create a clean test profile in firefox and see if it still occurs.

Is there a Windows 7 log file that I could check.

If there’s information anywhere, it will be in the Application log. Open the start menu and type eventvwr.msc. You can also check the Error Console in firefox, which can be found under the Web developer menu on the appmenu button.

Well it popped up again while I was gone but I see if I can find it on the event log right after happens. Thanks

Can’t find anything in the event mgr but don’t know what to look for except time it occurred but it has know popped up on my XP test computer that is on the same network and that I have on about once a week.

Still can’t believe Comodo doesn’t have a way to block sites.

@ thewolfe

Please correct me if i’m wrong about the issue;

You are keep getting “you have choosen to open” window from firefox every now and then; the window is regarding a PDF file that you have downloaded few months back?
And you are sure that it’s regarding the PDF file that you have downloaded?

Yes. It asks me whether I want to “Open” it or “Save” it as if I just click on a website to download a file.

The name on the file is the same name as the user manual I downloaded in the past and it’s from the mfg that makes the unit the manual is for.

The manual has been deleted and my computer cleaned using Ccleaner.

Does this occur while running firefox in safe mode
Start Menu > Programs > Fiefox > Firefox Safe Mode

It doesn’t happen every day and since it’s not practical to run in Safe Mode I don’t think that’s something I’m going to be able to find out.

Did you try creating a new firefox profile?

No, I haven’t tried that yet. I’ve got FF tweaked with add-ons and in abought:config so that would take some time to figure out how to recreate.

Found this and seems easy enough Creating a new Firefox profile on Windows - MozillaZine Knowledge Base

Also, yesterday the popup happened on my XP machine that’s also on my network. That’s a little freaky, eyh?

I would also check all temp folders on all machines for any file resembling that file name especially in Users, Username, Appdata, Local, Temp and remove if you find any Temp pdf or file resembling the name of the one that is trying to open. Kind regards.

Are there any specific sites that you can go to that will always reproduce this pop-up? Also, in firefox under Options/Applications. what ‘Action’ do you have specified for PDF files?

With regard to profiles, there’s nothing to stop you creating a clean test profile whilst maintaining your original, you simply need to append a -p at the end of the firefox launcher short-cut. However, if you decide to go with a totally new profile, you may find the information at Transferring data to a new profile - Firefox - MozillaZine Knowledge Base of use. It’s also possible to use something like MozBackup or FEBE

out of interest, do you use any ad blocking software or extensions such as Adblock Plus or maybe a hosts file?

I blocked the site with Avast and it hasn’t popped up since. My original question was could I do that with Comodo but never found out if I could or how.

Thanks for the posts.

I’m glad blocking the site worked for you, but it doesn’t tell you why it’s happening…