PDF download link on the help page is broken [V7][HF]

1: A link to the relevant help file page:

2: What the help files says on the issue of concern (if anything)
The link is broken to download help PDF.
Broken link here: https://help.comodo.com/uploads/helpers/Comodo_Internet%20Security_ver.7.0_User_guide.pdf
3: What you think it should say or explain
The link needs to be corrected on the help page which is relying on correct upper/lower case.
Note: The ‘G’ in the word guide of the link needs to be in upper case for the link to work.
Manually fixed link here: https://help.comodo.com/uploads/helpers/Comodo_Internet%20Security_ver.7.0_User_Guide.pdf
4: Why you think it should say or explain that

Thank you.

Edit note: The link is a direct download of PDF help 17MB.

Thank you for reporting this issue with the Help File. I have moved this to the format verified portion of the bug reporting forum and forwarded this issue to the proper Comodo staff.

Thanks again.

Smoking fast, this appears to be corrected/fixed already. :-TU

Wow, that was fast. :o

In that case, as this is now fixed, I will move this bug report to Resolved. If the issue occurs again please let me know.