PCtools software

Let’s have a thread about the products of Pctools, doesn’t matter which ones as long as it’s from PCtools :slight_smile:

Antivirus (really like the new beta : it’s running on 5kb at the moment ;D)
Antispyware (only to recourse heavy)


Internet Security (to recourse heavy and not giving all the products of Pctools)
firewall (bad bad bad bad bad )


Their software is good enough for novice users to protect you, they protect in fact verry well! And their products also score good on usability, but they score verry bad on systemresources and systemintegration! Their software goes verry deep in to the system and slows every down and not to mention they use a lot of reg keys, services ram memory, com interfaces etc it is hard to ditch it if you dont want it anymore! …hmmm. reminds to a product beginning with an “N”…

yep, COMODO is slightly better in uninstalling but there is a long way to go…

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I think Pctools is indeed to high on recourse but the difference with norton is : it still has excellent results :).


Thanks! :a0 Yes I agree with you, NORTON has verry good results.

I had PCtools threatfire it was a very nice antivirus ! :BNC

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oh where were we again? oh yeah PCtools
i used spyware doctor FREE (from google pack) along with symantec AV & firewall. (:CLP) (:CLP)
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oh where were we again? oh yeah PCtools. i used spyware doctor FREE (from google pack) along with symantec AV & firewall. (:CLP) (:CLP)
The spywaredoctor free version, sorry mate but it lacks a lot. The normal one has like 600.000 to 700.000 signatures and the free one 200.000 . So that's not working out for me


I only have bad experiences with PC Tools applications. Well, I just tried Spyware Doctor and ThreatFire. But I can say that they aren’t that great.

Ever since I tested Spyware Doctor that it crashed/crashes the system (BSOD), fake alerts (trial versions) reporting you need to buy the product in order to remove the threats found. The last warning was quite funny. It detected some sort of adware/spyware and it said that Ewido Antispyware and BitDefender also know it as different names. I don’t recall the names now, it was 2 weeks ago. But just out of curiosity I checked with Ewido and BitDefender and nothing was found. Just wondering why… PC Tools unpolite policies? For me PC Tools is just as good as any other rogue anti-something applications developer.

For a paid product I would stick with Sunbelt CounterSpy.

Now ThreatFire, I remember that when I first tested it (maybe 1 year ago) it reported the system was infected. The funny thing is that the name and directory of the threat was a musical note. Yes, PC Tools enjoys giving us music.

A few weeks ago I tested the last version and didn’t report anything out. But then again it could be just asleep at the moment. :THNK

Of course this is just my experience and opinion. Others may say something different.

All the best

PC Tools Firewall is not Bad.

PC Tools Antivirus is also not bad if you don’t look at the resources taken wile it is scanning. Does grind PC to a slow halt wile scanning. Other than that it gives good protection and detention and prevention.

I agree with you, the firewall is not bad at all, actually it can compete with the comodo firewall without the hips! But is it too resource heavy and it changes far too much on the system! As for the COMODO firewall, ■■■■ it is like the newest FERARI with a v12 engine… :-TU

Have a nice day!

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The Firewall is OK but look at the Leak Tests and see how COMODO stands to PC Tools & all the others :wink:

Pc Tools are doing a good job. :slight_smile: Fist of all - they offer some products for FREE ! And not very bad products. :slight_smile:

Yes they are a bit resourse hungry.

The Firewall is okay if you crank the security level up (ofcourse it’s no Comodo or OA)
ThreatFire is good too.
Antivirus - nothing too special, you’d better off with Avira or Avast - but this can be used also :slight_smile:

To sum up - great work PC Tools and continue to polish your apps :slight_smile:

P.S. Spyware Doctor is still the best is his category :slight_smile: