PCtools Firewall

Has anyone tried the new version? I tried it but I couldn’t access some programs while using it. If I tried to enter Frostwire the comp crashed and if I enter Photoshop too. I uninstalled it and the comp went back to normal. The new version must be buggy.

Haven’t tried it, but I totally dislike any of PC Tools’ software. Slow & clunky, sometimes hard to uninstall.

PCTools made it at 85%, the last one before the do not buy. With PCTools you never know who you are buying from, some person in India or the kid down the block.

I really hate companies that have affiliate programs, “oops.”

You are buying from symantec since they now own PC tools. Tho in the case of the firewall your not buying anything since they release the product for free

pc tools firewall made it at 85%. its indeed very good coz its a firewall without hips. firewallsl which made it at 95% and above are firewall with hips. so i think if pc tools will include their hips software i.e threat fire (which is a very good hips) in their firewall and thus making it firewall with hips, their firewall too will score 95% and above. wot say guyz

IMHO, if they include the bloated Threatfire with the FW, then they’ll just make it slower. :slight_smile:

I changed from PC Tools Firewall to Rising Firewall free. Rising is far better; without conflits with other app., less CPU resources, etc…

bloatware ! yea for some guyz its bloatware and for some its not. coz on some guyz system its too slow and on some systems its normal. i dont know why but its the fact. i m using pc tools firewall plus, pc tools antivirus free edition and threat fire and all these softwares complements each other and are working great. they are as fast as cis. i guess i m lucky with pc tools software working great and no resource hogging probs. wot say guyz !

You should have seen how much my PC speeded up when I uninstalled TF and Spyware Doctor…

Remember sygate personal firewall ? Was a great firewall until symantec bought that out too. By the way PC Tools firewall can’t pass the the Gibson research test GRC | LeakTest -- Firewall Leakage Tester   Even the old sygate can pass that test. Needless to say Comodo does too along with most other firewalls.

I’m using Pctools firewall.
Because Comodo didn’t compatible with Kaspersky.

But I use comodo in another computer