PCTools Firewall plus retired.

On their download page - Official Site | Norton™ - Antivirus & Anti-Malware Software


It’s something like Symantec acquired Sygate.

Pctools that Symantec acquired them for a while. (See this press release)

So sad and disappointed with. I think Symantec like to acquire product better than them continuously.

Any comments ?

Last edit : Now it’s back becuase PCTools Users are not happy with this. See this thread - Official Site | Norton™ - Antivirus & Anti-Malware Software


Symantec burns everything it touch.

I think there’s nothing to acquire.

Oct 8, 2008

So no more free PC Tools firewall?

Me thinks it will be included in the suite. But im guessing this means that there will be no more seperate firewall.
I never used it but sad to see something free go the way of the dinosaurs.

Sorry I’m using incorrect word.

Now I change it to “for a while”

i loved pc tools firewall it was as strong as comodo firewall in my view, its sad to see its discontinued as free, and its merged in pc tools internet security, (paid Version).

Exactly… Shame on Symantec.

Norton, and now Symantec, behave exactly like Microsoft:
not writing themselves this much, but swallowing whatever small independant editors wrote.

Shame on Microsoft?

We might like Symantec or not, even outside of the paying concerned (and i wouldn’t like it even if it was free) but the main concern is not there:
it is making, also like Microsoft, unusable software because it results not of an homogeneous logic, but of very different patches added to each other, making in the end totally bloated softwares.

Microsoft, generally, do not acquire freewares and change them into paid software.
Symantec always do this: GoBack from Roxio, DriveImage from PowerQuest, now PCTools firewall…
This is NOT how Microsoft behaves.

No one, by definition, buys freewares, but only an editor having some freeware versions of software (it’s the situation for pc tools and Drive Image; i still have licenses for 3 different versions of DI, of which i don’t use a single one anymore, and that are definitely not freewares).

As far as i remember, Quaterdeck with the very good Cleansweep, at the time, never was a freeware.

Even if some features stay free, Microsoft did exactly the same with, e.g., Sysinternals, or Hyperterminal.
The same can be said somehow, even if not totally free…with Dos.
One should look, as rendered by say autoruns, to “Microsoft” executables and the intellectual rights still due not only to Microsoft, but the original editor.

If you think so… Amen.
I do not see the things this way.
If Comodo was acquired by Symantec and it becomes a shareware, I’m sure there will be a lot of disappointed users…

PC Tools FW was (is) a goog product (if a bit buggy).
I’m sorry it’s not free any longer. But that’s the comercial logic.
Lots will miss it.

According to the forum it seems that PCTools had a change of mind…The firewall will continue to be free…

Yeah, apparently it’s still available. Either way, PCTools users are NOT happy. This whole thing was handled very unprofessionally and it’s not the first time. Symantec is known for this type of ■■■■ anyway, the users are basically waiting to be ■■■■■■■ over. I know Comodo isn’t perfect and we sometimes get a bit frustrated but it’s things like this that make me appreciate how things are handled “over here”. 8)

Also, in just a few pages there were numerous comments on the Comodo model: “Take a look at what AVG, Avast, Avira, and Comodo are doing…”

“…also comodo business model works well where the tools are free but business and private users can pay for more support etc”

“PCTools should choose to have the same option COMODO has…”

Just a few examples. Always good to hear Comodo mentioned in a good light on another forum. :-TU

There is plenty of time still for Symantec to change their minds and drop the free version,Symantec did not buy PCTOOLS and then go on to give products away.
Symantec = corporate greed

It’s called profit.

I might agree with you if Symatec’s track record was not littered with examples of them buying out competitors and immediately destroying said companies. They need to hook up with Steve Jobs, they both seem to have the same monopolist mentality.

It is not being discontinued, it is going to continue to be developed as a free standalone product.

Symantec does not = Corporate greed, Symantec= one of the major pioneers in security solutions and computer utilities and they continue to offer outstanding products as they have always done.

…And continue destroying perfectly good companies and as a result, software. I agree. ;D