pcthreat.com claim the comodo toolbar is a malicious toolbar

from this site <-----I thought is was funny

Comodo Trust Toolbar is a malicious toolbar that may perform harmful functions on a computer, resulting in the downloading or installation of renegade anti-spyware applications. Should Comodo Trust Toolbar be present on a user’s web browser toolbar, each button does not do what it says it does. Once any of the buttons on Comodo Trust Toolbar are clicked, it tends to prompt the download or installation of a spyware infection. Comodo Trust Toolbar is capable of greeting a computer user and showing its presence through pop ups messages, that state “Insecure Internet Activity” or “Threat of Virus Attack”. Comodo Trust Toolbar could be a part of the Zlob Trojan group of infections that run loose on the internet. It is highly advisable to delete Comodo Trust Toolbar from a system as soon as it is detected.

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some sites that complain about spyhunter

Seems to be some old posts about this…


anyway its a discontinued product… https://forums.comodo.com/trusttoolbar_discontinued-b11.0/

But still is it a Trojan as they report. NO, possible unwanted as this software is no longer maintained!

Its funny how they made a special removal tool for it…
Like its the baddest shit on earth…

Guess some companies tries to harm others by spreading rumors.
FAIL pcthreat.