PCMAG write up on CIS4

I like the PcMag reviews. I almost always find them accurate. They need to do a new one for MSE though. They do point out that the various leak test utilities are really kind of a joke since the reason why most security suites don’t “pass” them is that the tests have no mallicious payloads so are not detected and the vendors see no reason why they should be. I agree with this and feel that leak test apps are usually skewed in favor of the products of the company that has the testers and only really test HIPS based products.

Regarding the PcMag review, it seems mostly like the companies got to talk about their stuff, I think the comodo official said the right things.

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If you click on the link next to the comments by the Comodo representative, you’ll see the review PCMag did on Comodo v4. They didn’t like it very much, mostly due to the multitude of HIPS alerts.

And bug problems :wink: The new v4.1..920 should resolved all those problems they were having in the old v4.0..*** :wink:

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The only time I ever get Defense+ pop-ups is when a new program is being installed and then when it first runs, other than that it has been silent for over a year now and I certainly prefer this to the Malware that Norton silently let into my computer. As far as the picture of Melih goes the right side of his face is burned out by less than optimal lighting rendering the picture as having the same level of accuracy as NIS had on my computer at catching Malware.


I used NIS for over 5 years and not a single piece of malware got through it. There were a number of intrusion attempts that were stopped and malware that was successfully caught and fully removed. It provided me with with rock solid protection while being completely silent and never interfering with the actions of safe applications. It also gave me no more of a performance hit than CIS has and was a cinch to install and uninstall. I completely agree with PCMag’s endorsement of the product and agree that it probably is the best solution for the largest amount of computer users. The only thing wrong with it is that it costs too much. I also agree with PCMag’s assessment of CIS 4.

when people complain about all the pop ups from comodo i just say download and install something else.
comodo really needs to resolve those pop ups for average users