PCflank test

Hello all

I just installed commodo firewall and test it online. It seams that commodo doesn’t hide some ports.

This was the test results (www.pcflank.com):

The test found visible port(s) on your system: 21, 23, 80, 135, 137, 138, 139, 1080, 3128
The test found visible ports on your system: 27374, 12345, 1243, 31337, 12348.
The following Trojans use these ports: SubSeven, NetBus, SubSeven, Back Orifice, BioNet
Although these ports are visible, they are not open, so your system is not infected. However, having visible ports on your system means your computer can be “seen” over the Internet. This makes it very easy for skillful intruders to explore your system.

It is possible with an option to hide these ports?


Hello Metal hunter and welcome the the forums :slight_smile:

Try this;

Comodo → Fire Wall → stealth ports wizard → Stealth my ports to everyone.

Tell me if that fixes your problem :slight_smile:

  • Kyle


Is still the same. (:SAD).

Hmm ok, What mode is D+ and your firewall in?

If your ports are closed, no body can get in. It’s like having a door with a lock on it, Sure they can see it - But the doors locked. Still strange that your ports are visible though.

I also did the GRC test (https://www.grc.com),all my ports are closed but not stealth.

I activated the option “Stealth ports wizard” and “Block all incoming connections”, but the results are the same.

Any help?

This is very odd. I cannot see any reason for this. Hopefully another used can help you out.

A question: Have you had any experiences about a file with the ending, .DL ← thats one L not two

The D+ and firewall are in safe mode.

I didn’t see or find a file with the DL extension.

Are you behind a hardware firewall? GRC will check your hardware firewall first. If not then go into your global rules and delete them and click apply. Then go to the stealth port wizard and select the option to “block all incoming connections” It will be the bottom choice. After that clear all your cookies and cache (CCleaner) and reboot. Then try again. Also what version of Comodo are you using?


CFP 3 will stealth all ports with default rules. Rules doesn’t really matter, unless you allow one application to accept incoming connections on a specific port. Then you’ll have an open port (when the program is active).
If a port is ‘closed’, it might be because your ISP has blocked all traffic on the port. You might be able to find this information on their website. Else, you can contact their support via e-mail.
And like Vettetech said, if you have a router, it might make ports visible to run certain services as telnet, remote desktop or FTP. They might be shown as ‘closed’, because they’re not being used at the moment.
Hardware firewall isn’t the same as a software one. CFP 3 will only accept incoming connections when a certain applications need it, but a hardware firewall will accept any program to access a certain port.


That list of ports leads me to think that you’ve got a router, and it is running in a default configuration that allows access to the router setup over the Internet. If you’ve got default passwords (with a default setup), then you’ve got a wide open box.

Do you have a router? If so, what kind is it (manufacturer and model)?

If you don’t have a router, then there is a problem.

yep, Hard Ware Firewall is checked first!