pcflank test results

Hi, first I want to say that CPF is great! I also want you all to know that this is absolutely the best forum on the web. The care and dedication is outstanding (:CLP)
So, enough of the digressions. Here’s an issue I need help with:

"The test checked if your web browser reveals any private information while you visit Web sites. Usually such information is: the last site visited, your locale and who your Internet Service Provider is.

While visiting web sites your browser reveals private information about you and your computer. It sends information about previous sites you have visited. It may also save special cookies on your hard drive that have the purpose of directing advertising or finding out your habits while web surfing.

We advise you to get personal firewall software. If you already have a firewall program adjust it to block the distribution of such information."

I would like to know if this is really a serious problem, and if so how do I configure CPF to block or stealth such information?

Thanks in advance,

They’re referring to the fact that your browser accepts cookies and referers. This not a serious problem other than privacy reasons because sites can trace/track what previous sites you have visited. CFP does not prevent such things because they are beyond the duties of a firewall. I let my browser handle these. For referers, I wouldn’t block them because sites that require for legit purposes won’t properly load in less obvious ways…Cookies is easier - just block or don’t accept any except sites that really need them like logins that require passwords.

thanks soyabeaner. I use Firefox and have cookies set for the session only, plus I delete everything on exit anyway.

I was an IE6 user for what it seems like forever until I recently changed to Opera and learned a few things. With IE I had it to always accept session cookies while blocking 1st and 3rd party cookies - I realized afterwards it doesn’t matter because it means you do have cookies saved on your computer only during the browser’s active session. It will self-delete after exiting. I find it best to block all of them so they aren’t saved to your computer at all. Again, only accept for sites that need them, like this forum. That way, the next time you visit this forum you won’t have to re-enter your login and pass, unless you deleted the cookies.


FF has some extensions/add-ons/plug-ins to provide extra options and control over the use of cookies, such. If you’re not already using such, you might find them handy…


thanks guys, I really appreciate the input (:CLP)
rubi :■■■■