Does anyone have a clue what this is, Comodo 6 sandboxed the process (untrusted), some sites say it’s malware I cannot find any other info on it pcCMService.exe ???

Upload it here http://valkyrie.comodo.com/

And post the result here so we can help…

Also VirusTotal would help as well…

VirusTotal was all clear:

SHA256: 3920de0ff5e5688252e5ca41274e0d37de1913fea920cebb5bf29521cac4bf8b
SHA1: 398eafe32d680d1b9abf6d52a8f52adaf710dde9
MD5: 7cb438975ce703672b9a50d5a52022de
File size: 456.3 KB ( 467280 bytes )
File name: pcCMService.exe
File type: DOS EXE
Tags: mz
Detection ratio: 0 / 46
Analysis date: 2013-02-03 15:31:59 UTC ( 3 months ago )

Final Result: PE 64 File

SHA1:398eafe32d680d1b9abf6d52a8f52adaf710dde9 Process:Active
Auto Result: PE 64 File

So I think it’s all fine?

Looks okay so far… But upload it to http://valkyrie.comodo.com/ as well please…

I think he mentioned Valkyrie result in his post i.e Valkyrie shows PE 64.

Duh LOL! My brain can’t function after a session of HIIT LOL! Thanks. Check your PM Tony.

Edit: You can submit the sample further to Comodo for more analysis in Valkyrie if you register there.

EVERY file is malware…
just depends on the site you are looking at…
as its malware,
“we have the tool for you, or the scan,
just press the big green download button HERE, NAU”


HOW can any file be malware? Yes all scans clear - Malwabytes, Comodo, Emsisoft, HitmanPro

Please submit it for whitelisting and see if they believe it is safe or not.

Ask the people who want you to press the button :wink:

Just to be clear for the OP.
I presume Clockwork is saying some sites are not genuine and will flag any file as malicious so use caution when you are being offered a fix, which I agree with. :slight_smile: