pcanywhere and MAC restriction problems [RESOLVED]

I installed pcanywhere on one of my PCs. I wanted to only allow 1 PC connect to the host.

So in CFP on the host edited the rule for awrem32.exe (IP out) and awhost32.exe (IP in). I added the MAC adress for the PC connecting (destination & source).
This worked fine for one day. Today it doesn’t seem to work anymore. When I try to connect CFP on the host want me to add awrem32.exe again.
It seems for some reason the awrem32.exe-rule with the MAC address doesn’t seem to work anymore.
I’ve rebooted, removed/recreated the same rule but it doesn’t help.

What’s wrong?

MAC addresses are useful only on the local LAN, and are not propagated across the Internet by the IP protocols. Once a packet hits a router, the association between MAC and IP address is broken. That’s how routers do their stuff, and know which machine to send a packet to. What you’re trying to do with pcanywhere can’t be done with a MAC address, only with an IP address.

Ah of course. Strange that it worked for a while. :slight_smile:

I will close this one…

If you need it reopened pm an online mod.