Pcadvisor review on Comodo Ice Dragon


Nice opening article on CID Melih.

Thanks Melih,
CID might be in the early stages, but it already has characteristics of a mature product. :-TU

Looks very nice. I will use it. But make it work with other plugins.

But make it work with other plugins.
I know it works with vlc web plugin sumatraPDF Browser Plugin Shockwave flash 11.4.400.231 <--beta java Platform SE 7 U5 java deployment toolkit

as for extentions
adblock plus
noscript <—there only 1 minor cosmetic issue. When you right click on the menu bar area, click on “customize” Click on “show icons and text”. It’ll only shows the icon and the word “noscr…” It doesn’t matter where I move the icon to.

That’s all i can verify for plugins and extentions

Thanks for the info. Comodo should make it work with password managers. That’s why I have to use non-Comodo products for web browsers. :frowning: