PC World review CIS 5 - 29/11/2010


yep the on access scanning speed does suck compared to Avast5 ,for example !< and its irritating if you asked me :cry:
as far as I can see the reviewer concluded that he doesn’t recommend CIS only because of the performance of the AV which is really a significant issue that we don’t need to go and make a bug report because it can be seen virtually ! ,however, that could be improved and I hope it will with the next versions of CIS.



Nothing is mentioned about Automatic Sandbox i.e Partial Sandboxing. Does this mean the 96% & 4 partial blocking was solely done by CAV or by both CAV & Sandbox?? Nothing mentioned about popups or anything related to D+, Sandbox, I dont get it, the test was performed with CAV only or CAV, D+ & SB?? Firewall was not tested, he mentioned at the start.


everyday we read new reviews

but I can’t feel that it’s a Professional preview


this one is very well explained

every little detail is stated there

yes , the cav is not perfect but it’s not bad , not bad at all

and cis 5 as a suite is the best free security one can have …

thanks for sharing the review anyway

yeah the report seemed kind of short. The author could have gone into a little more detail. He left out alot about D+ and the sandbox. He did say that he didn’t test the firewall. I think that he mentioned that it block a good amount of new malware. He then said that all the other programs didn’t get above 80%. I think that is enough for me to recommend to someone. Another case of folks looking at detection as the mother of all security. Of course what do you expect from main stream security products. I would much rather be proactive than reactive when it comes to security.

Have you guyz read Norton Antivirus 2011 review. In Nortons’s review he has mentioned Comodo Antivirus Advanced. He has mentioned that 25 malwares tested with Norton, 24 Blocked & 1 Missed. Comodo Antivirus Advanced Blocked 24 & partially blocked 1. So CAV wins with 1/2 point :wink:

I read all the reviews there & according to me CAV deserves 4 Stars. He has given 3 1/2 stars, I guess 1/2 star he has given less coz of other things & not coz of the detections.

But yes nothing mentioned about the D+ & SB & I agree with the FP’s part.


Yes I do remember that know that you mention it. Funny now that the AV is sub par. PC world and PC mag are both bogus in their testing methods and reviewing programs.

if He didn’t have D+ on, than CAV did very good and don’t forget that comodo doesn’t only rely on signatures but on D+ as well.


I don’t agree with everything in the article but I do agree Avast should be ranked 1st. I think Avira shouldn’t be so high on the list. This program has more false Positives than any other AV product out. I would hate to have a program that detects virus or malware only to delete something the system needs to run! I think Comodo should have been ranked second or third in this review. The other products don’t offer a Firewall in their free versions! I think had it not produced so many false positives it would have ranked 2nd rather than last.

I agree with you brhokla. MSE is not better than CAV. Sometimes I feel that people dislike CIS for some reason.


I have to disagree especially if you have an older system, I found Avast sluggish on my under nourished system and CIS v5 had very little if any noticable impact. Maybe different results on a higher performance system.

+1 Jealousy or intimidation will cause unconstructive criticism or dislikes. Also as Comodo users we possibly just notice people who dislike Comodo or Comodo critics more so. Critics are a good tool but only constructive critics. Kind regards.

Personally from my own experience I think Comodo is a better product than is often given credit for. I do think other products are easier to use than Comodo’s but that should only matter to people that know little about their systems. If I wasn’t a happy Avast Pro user I’d be using the full Comodo Product. My Avast license expired in May so maybe at that time I will be using Comodo. As far as people disliking CIS, from what I have seen on other forums such as Wilders Security, it appears that many people personally feel Comodo’s founder/CEO is arrogant and makes claims that the product simply cannot deliver on. My personal experience with him is he is very giving and offers Free Security to people who need it. I have not seen this Arrogant attitude that these other forum members on other sites talk about. I think the product is good, after all he is giving away a free full security package to the masses that includes a great Firewall, Defenses and good AV. With all the products running I think it’s probably pretty hard to infect a Comodo secured system. It’s getting better too.

Also of note, I see plenty of Comodo users, Avast users, Avira users, MSE, Norton, AVG and other product users that bash other products. Don’t know why they do this as many don’t know, haven’t used the products they are bashing. I post my reviews on Download.com about my experiences with products and I only post a review if I have tried, used the product. Some people just simply believe, think they are using the best product no matter what it is. Even if they have never compared it to another in real tests or usage.

+1 I think there are a few pay for companies and users a little worried out there and a touch of jealousy. Users can get over that easily, use CIS5. Would not trust PC World opinion to much (a bit like What Hi-Fi read by all means but take with pinch of salt). CIS5 best combined package now I have used for many years not like some other well known that have become very bloated and slow down PC operation.

Best wishes Rick

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