Pc wont boot when usb is in

Hi to the comodo team and users
I have an issue with CTM. It installed properly and i have been using it for some time with only two problems. One its the delayed write error which i figured out myself. And the other is what i cannot work around.
The problem is that if i start up my laptop and i have my 500iomega external hdd attached to usb then the laptop will just goto a flashing cursor and that is it.
I got a theory though, I think i should have installed CTM with my usb attached to the laptop. Therefor the baseline would have known about the external drive.
Anyways what exactly is the problem and how do i fix it? Because it’s beginning to irritate me that i have to remove my external everytime i restart my laptop or switch it on.

Is the external drive formated as FAT32?
Seems there is a problem with external drives in this system file (not NTFS). Maybe it’s related (https://forums.comodo.com/bug-reports-ctm/memory-leak-t50354.0.html;msg409459#msg409459).

nope all my hdd’s are ntfs i cant even remember when last i used fat file system haha