PC won't boot at all after failed uninstall

Hello! I’ve used CTM for half a year and had no problems. Recently, after windows started, i got a message from CTM that said there is not enough free space. But the 250GB disk hat more than 80 percent free space. So i decided to uninstall CTM and install again. Everything on uninstallation went well until CTM said it has to reboot. The PC rebootet and before Windows started, there was a Comodo screen like in DOS. I saw a percentage bar and the sentence “Updating Data”. Then i got an error message (sorry, can’t remember what it was) and the percentage stopped a 0%. I waited some time but nothing happpend. Then i got a message of an error an something like “11111111”.

I switched off the PC and turned it in again. Just after the first screen where i can enter the bios, the screen went black and i heard a long “beep”. Turned off and on several times but always the same result.

So i put the hard disk into another PC and Windows XP said that the new hard disk should be testet for consistency. I did that, everything went well and the other PC started. I tried to access the disk on first partition but got the message that there is no partition.The second partition i could access, but from 10 folders before i could only access one folder and one file.

I read this forum and then used to “rebuild the mbr” with partition wizard but that didn’t change anything. Partition Wizard said well done but after the restart nothing was changed.

I checked the partition data and partition wizard said that the c: partition was deleted or FAT32 but not NTFS like it should be. The D: partition has only a size of 49MB but was extremely larger before.

I tried some more advices from the forum but nothing seemed to work.

I need all my files because i use them for my work. How can i get my files back? Is a recovery program the only way or is there any other way to restore the MBR or something so the system would start normally?

Best regards,

Sascha from germany!

You don’t have another option… but, this action could have messed everything as the system file changes were done without the CTM loaded.

Well… CTM shouldn’t mess the partition table… I don’t know what is happening.

MBR (master boot record) is different from the partition table.

Well… Not to disappoint you… but, it will be a long journey… if possible.
Did you try partition restoration with Partition Wizard or Easeus Master.
Maybe they could recover the original partitions and, after that, try to recover (some) files.

Hi Sascha:
I am very sorry for CTM troubled you.
This is known bug in previous version, in some special rare cases may occur. We have fixed it, and you can get the new version from here: https://forums.comodo.com/beta-corner-ctm/comodo-time-machine-27150952175-beta-released-t57785.0.html

Best Regards.

Hy FlyKite.

The link you posted doensn’t work. I don’t know if i want wo install CTM again. First priority is to recover my data. Do you have any ideas what i can do?

The link you posted doensn't work.
Sorry, the link should be: https://forums.comodo.com/beta-corner-ctm/comodo-time-machine-27150952175-beta-released-t57785.0.html I missed the last 'l' >:(
First priority is to recover my data. Do you have any ideas what i can do?
I am very sorry again, it is very difficult to recover your data certainly. Perhaps you can use some tools to try to recover, but not sure will be a success. I can only say I wish you good luck! Best Regards

Wow, i am really disappointed. All support you can give is to try the new software. But to use any new software, i have to get my files and system back first.

You say that it is a known bug in your software, so i thougt you should have any advice to cure the damage that your software caused!

This is what bothers me much… Acknowledge is not enough. The software should have been removed and/or returned to beta stage. You never posted a direct solution for the problem. The users are fully right on complaining about that.

Can this Beta be installed over the top of the release version I’m running now?


I have exactly the same problem as S82. I uninstalled CTM and rebooted . Now I get an error message

AMD Data Change... Update New Data!
A Disk Read Error occurred Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to reboot
Can anyone help me get my files back? It must have happened before now. Are there no techs at Comodo reading these forums with an answer that helps? Thanks in advance.

Congratulations to Comodo. This is the worst software firm i ever knew. How can anybody release a software from which is known that it can destroy the complete content of a hard drive? This is completely irresponsible.

And to make it even worse, if anybody posts in the forum and asks for help, Comodo has nothing better to do than suggest to try to use the version of this software. I really can’t understand.

I will never ever install any product from Comodo on my computer.

Hi SB2

Perhaps you can try to contact doskey.

Hopefully he can help you to recover your data.


S82, what was the error? or the errors?
Did you have any incompatible software in your computer?
When did you get that error? What did you do?