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What you want is a system that can’t fart without telling you. Maybe you can hand simulate a computer so you have 100% control of everything down to every single cpu instruction. (:LGH)

A perfectly sensible school of thought by the way. I approve.

Thanks for your approval, oh knowledgeable one.

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Why don’t you just Use cpf and a Antivirus? In MY OPINION i think thats more then enough. CPF +d to prevent and protect unknowns from running. And an antivirus for any mistake you might make make with cpf, that’s pretty much 99.99% protection from malware there

I don’t use Defense+

You should ask questions if you don’t understand what other people are telling you. Not jump to conclusions.
That said, i’m not in a mood for this, i’m tired of these moronic discussions.
Hell, i’m thinking about signing off… comes and goes…

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While it’s true that CFP will ‘cover all the bases’ this is dependant on the user knowing exactly what each pop-up means and making the correct decision.The validity of Threatfire for the great majority of users not in that category is that it attempts to make those decisions for you.While it isn’t flawless I’m guessing that for the average user that represents heightened security,even using both together with TF as a safety net against wrong decision making.

The fact is that if CFP’s prompts are ignored or mistakes are made then malware can do it’s thing,with Threatfire once something exhibits sufficient malicious traits it’s automatically blocked from running.

It’s what i meant with

Main applications should be recognized, and the user given the choice to use a predefined policy specific for that app, like Firefox, messenger, and so on.
Instead CFP is going for 67% folks allowed, 33% blocked