PC Tools Threatfire

Is this another PC Tools AV, or is it just a product that helps scan/prevent malware?

Anyone use or has used it have any feedback? It looks interesting.

Threatfire has been around for awhile. Its a HIPS product like D+ in Comodo. If you have Comodo you do not need Threatfire.

I use Comodo Firewall with HIPS, and BOclean… So Threatfire wouldn’t be worth having?

No cause then you would have 2 HIPS. There are threads in here about this and conflicts that come about. I don’t trust and thing from PC Tools anyways.

Its not a HIPS, because a HIPS guards areas of your system and prompts the user or checks against a blacklist. TF is a behavioral anylizer, that reports programs or files as malware solely based on behavior.

D+ is much more effective however.

True info I was wrong. Threatfire is more of a behavior blocker but D+ is more powerful.

Yes true. Id stick with d+ for power but TF for unattended protection.

Whats D+ ?

Thanks for the feedback btw, I wasn’t planing on using it to begin with just wanted to know what it was about.

D+ is the HIPS protection system found in Comodo Firewall. Read about it here.


TF is more effective for 95% of people.

And thats just why Comodo has been voted best firewal by Matousec,PC Mag and CNET. I would rather use Comodo all in one then have to run a firewall,behavior blocker and a virus scan. Why run 3 programs when you can run only 2.

Well I was comparing defense+ versus TF, obviously not the firewall capabilities… The last i checked TF is not a firewall and hence cannot be voted “best firewall”… so what is your point?

I would rather use Comodo all in one then have to run a firewall,behavior blocker and a virus scan. Why run 3 programs when you can run only 2.

Comodo doesn’t replace a virus scan.

I rather run a reasonable number of security layers, than put all your eggs in one basket.

I use Avira Premium 8 and Comodo. Not all in one basket if you read the other reply’s. I also use Sandboxie when needed. Muilple layers of protection doesn’t not protect you better. It can actually hurt you when 2 programs are trying to do the same thing. This coming from an Avira CEO.

So you are an Avira fanboy as well as comodo?

You say multiple layers can hurt. I fully agree. And yet you use multi-layers…

Which is better you think, use multi-layers but all of them from the same company, or use multi-layers from different companies?

Also I would like to explore the part about “trying to do the same thing”, what exactly counts as “trying to do the same thing?”

People say this all the time, but i notice people have very different ideas about what this means…

Let me propose this statement, security layers
doing “different things” may also cause damage…

A firewall with HIPS and an Antivirus is NOT layered. That is my set up 90% of the time. Sandboxie is when I need it. SO I clearly miss your point about layers.

@ Luketan:
care to explain (i mean, simple explanation for noob) , why TF is better (more effective) than Defense+?

Of course because it dosn’t require user intervention, only when it detects a file with malicious behavior.

Josh Sighs 88)


But of course it doesn’t apply to the people here right? We are all computer security gurus right? (:AGL)

Why don’t you think this is layered?

Or by layered do you think it means having 2 antiviruses? lol…