PC Tools Just Went Down The Drain

I was never a big fan of anything made by PC Tools. Nor was I ever a fan of Symantec. Well guess what. Symantec just bought out PC Tools. Check it out.


Well, bye bye PC tools AV for free, and bye bye too PC Tools FW for free.
I’m not fan of PC Tools, but now is dead.
Can you remember Power QuestPartition MagiC? Was bought by Symantec and now is dead, not updated for Vista.
Can you remember Syagate free FW, now is dead.

Sygate Personal Firewall has been replaced by an advanced "Smart Firewall," available in Symantec’s Norton Internet Security. This firewall is based on Sygate Personal Firewall’s same IPD/IDS technology and provides you with robust online security.
Probably PC tools will be a likely candidate too.

A Quote from Symantec.

PC Tools will maintain separate operations within Symantec’s consumer business unit, with Simon Clausen, PC Tools, Chief Executive Officer, leading the team and reporting to Janice Chaffin, Symantec Group President of Consumer Products. PC Tools will continue to offer their products under the PC Tools brand and serve its customers through its existing partners and channels

PC Tools software is bloated, a Symantec buyout won’t make me change my mind ;D

There both bloated in my eyes.

* doktornotor waves goodbye to ThreatFire… (:AGY)

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Hi All,

We are excited by the opportunity and it’s good to see so much interest in this forum about our products and this announcement. To clarify a few things:

  • PC Tools will continue to be operated as a separate unit in the Symantec consumer group, led by our CEO Simon Clausen.
  • We will retain the PC Tools brand and continue to offer our full catalog of PC Tools products as they are today, including the free products.
  • All the teams working on PC Tools products will continue working on those products.
  • We plan to be able to release more products to a wider audience with the support provided by Symantec.
  • We may possibly share some technology down the road but there are currently no fixed plans and the PC Tools products will remain separate technology.

We just signed the initial agreement, so as we get closer to finalizing the deal more details on the product roadmap will be shared as they become available.


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Hey apparently I am a pc tools mod. :wink: I think eventually Symantec will push technology into spyware doctor or vice versa. Oh well we shall see.

A company can’t compete against itself. They will in time take out their security products. Who knows maybe this was a move from symantec to aquire hips to Norton AV. Putting Threatfire into Norton AV. I think that’s their plan. Instead of improving their software they buy software already made from others. Shows how incompetent programers they are.

I think it would be better they work further on the PC tools internet security and then upgrade it. However the NIS beta is already out so I don’t see any quick improvements added. If they do I think it will be in the 2010 version…


They arent competing against themself, symantec gets the profit from pc tools regardless. If anything it is in symantecs intrest to keep pc tools the way it is, it will attract a wider range of people especially the ones that hate norton.

I doubt in above speculation, It is too much question/popups from TF for average NAV user… :wink:

They don’t need Symantec to get that right. With thier new firewall they are doing to themself. It does hate any printer software for network printing.

Sorry they are gone.

It doesn’t look good for PC Tools… Unless Symantec produce a miracle. It’s going to create conflicts between the 2 companies.