PC Tools Antivirus

Does anyone have experience or feedback on the Free Antivirus software from PCTools?

Harry (:NRD)

I’f been using it for the past 2 months while comodo sorts their usb drive problems. And I can say I am very happy with it , currently trying their firewall aswel. RATE THEM 9 OUT OF 10.

Thanks Ghostza for the feedback.

I have been playing with it on a Vista system, but cannot find any email-virus-scan.

Do you know if this is included in the software?


It’s an addon download to get email scans. Works fine with normal pop3 software but sometimes hangs on linux pop3 servers.

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if i can remember right its gotten checkpoint certifications…or vb 100% im not too sure which one it is but i know its gotten a reward or two.

Still running fine by me. Converted ± 30 PC to run it with no hassels or hichups yet.

Just hope Comodo could speed up things on their AV and then we can stop promoting other software here and start to promote Comodo again.

It has both VB and Checkpoint. Not the 3rd big test ICSA Labs, though (which I can’t remember the name of at the moment). Not a lot of info/reviews on it that I have found; the primary complaint seems to be that it’s slow.

I’ve put it on several machines and have not had any issues.

I’ve tried the FW, too, and it works okay. Had some config issues (it didn’t allow DHCP by default), although that was some months ago and may well be resolved by now. The real killer (for me) is the leaktests on Matousec (but they may not have the most recent release).


I would imagine that the Antivirus uses as much resources as the Antispyware does?

I’m running it on this machine, and it’s pulling less than 1MB of memory between the active Service and the real-time scan engine combined. I ran a full scan on a drive yesterday (about 4GB of data), and was able to perform other operations simultaneously. It did, however, take close to an hour for the scan to complete. I would agree, quite slow for 4 GB worth of files.


Have a look at version 4 relaeased 10/1/2007 . Fixed the load scan problem and some other. Now I’m not so sure if I’m going back to Comodo.

Anyone tried PC Tools Internet Security 2009 ? :slight_smile:

A bit !ot! sorry :-\

Im sure its decent. I know the worst module of the suite is the firewall, which in turn isn’t that important. The only reason I’d consider using it at all, is its free. The trial has free protection, it just wont remove threats, however threats detected by the real time shields are dealt with.

I tested it before. You could get almost all the products for free . Only the antispam and antimalware is what you pay for. Anyway, it loads a lot on your pc. No doubt that it’s one of the best now, it still is to recource heavy.


Just a tiny correction. Their antimalware is infact free, well sort of just as I said removal you have to pay for. Then again, if you have a new computer, and you put this software on, you generally don’t need the scanner.

I noticed something a little weird with the trial. After a scan, it reported I had several cookies, which I didnt care about. When I rescanned later on(for some reason) the cookies were gone. Checking history, it seems it “fixed” the cookies.

So, it removed threats done by a scan, even though it shouldnt.
Im so not complaining though :slight_smile:

Cookies are not threats. Always use CCleaner before any virus or spyware scan.

PC Tools AV hasn’t done very well in the latest VB 100 tests. Mind you, neither has Avast but not been tested on a normal platform with the newest version for awhile.


Before installing CFP +D I was running PcTools Firewall and liked the product. I did install the PcTools Firewall Plus on my father-in-laws PC and had no complaints from him. Not to mention no signs of viruses, mal-ware or any other threats. :■■■■

It does fine as a basic firewall though looking at www.Matousec.com it’s near the bottom of the leak protection results.

Actually, I’ve heard it barely is able to protect you from inbound threats. I heard that it stealths most of your ports, and cannont handle hackers. But if your behind a router, its more then enough.

Also I heard about stability issues.